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 Locksmith Philadelphia Now: TIPS

posted by Locksmith Philadelphia Now on Friday, january 22, 2016

In case you find yourself locked out of your own car on a cold wintry night – first calm down and relax because we are here to assist with any lockout situation in the Greater Philadelphia area. Call Locksmith Philadelphia now auto locksmiths, and we guarantee a quick and quality job only.

In case you want to unlock your door by yourself and save money on Locksmith Professional services, here are a few tips you should start with:

  • Purchase a personal Lock Pick kit – this inexpensive solution can help with most simple locks, however if a higher level of security is involved, picking your lock might not work.
  • Get a AAA service for your car – AAA not only can tow your in case of an emergency, they can also unlock your car in case you locked your keys inside. This service is usually less the $100 per year and can save you a bunch on basic roadside assistance.
  • Learn more about locks and unlocking from relevant videos – CLICK HERE to watch now
  • Have duplicates of both your house and car transponder keys. WE keep all necessary hardware and tools to help them out in situations that include reprogramming of a particular automatic key.
  • Have a duplicate ready of your car remote control. Most cars have theft detecting devices installed however these devices might turn out to be defective. In this case you have to use professional service, as we are the only guys who might be able to help you out by reprogramming the theft detecting device in your car based on your VIN #.


If you feel confused as to which lock might be the best security for your house or office, you should go ahead and give us a call. We provide our valued customers with the best service possible, around the clock, and be at your location within 20 minutes!