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Get an insider’s look at the locksmith business by reading the latest installment on the Locksmith Philadelphia now blog. Our professional locksmiths frequently post their personal tips and offer advice to make your life a little easier..

How to Unlock a Bedroom  Door

Unlocking a Bedlockroom Door in an Emergency   The lock on a bedroom door is designed for privacy and not for security or keeping intruders out. This is fortunate in the event that you need to open a locked bedroom door because in an emergency…





Magnetic Door Locks




Principle Of Work Of Magnetic Door Locks And Their Advantages posted by Locksmith Philadelphia Now on Friday, February 12, 2016 Magnetic door locks are some the most frequently used devices by Locksmith Philadelphia…





10 Tips for Securing Your Home When You’re On Vacation

Criminals often target unoccupied homes because they know that their crime won’t be discovered until the owners get back, by which time they’ll be long gone! If you don’t want to be a victim of theft, follow these 10 tips for securing your home when you’re on vacation…



Automotive security and Transponder Keys

In years past the odds against someone else’s car key being able to fit your car were not that great. Today the odds of the key to a newer car fitting your car are very great. The newer transponder or chip key…read-more-button



How to unlock your door?

Locksmith Philadelphia Now: TIPS posted by Locksmith Philadelphia Now on Friday, january 22, 2016 In case you find yourself locked out of your own car on a cold wintry night – first calm down and relax because we are here to assist with any lockout…read-more-button




Advantages of using a Smart Lock

A smart lock is usually referred to an electronic door lock that can be operated with a smartphone. Either by using Bluetooth technology or by using WiFi, today we can lock or unlock our door lock without touching it! It’s easy and convenient to open your door remotely before reaching your door such as in the case of entering or car with a remote contro…



Upgrading Smart Locks

Smart locks are arguably one of the nicest of smart home comforts. They can automatically detect your presence via the Bluetooth connection in your smartphone (or a Bluetooth key fob) and unlock your front door for you. They let you send electronic keys to your friends that work only during times that you specify. Some will even connect to your large…