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Smart Locks

posted by Locksmith Philadelphia Now on Friday, january 22, 2016

What is a smart lock?

A smart lock is usually referred to an electronic door lock that can be operated with a smartphone. Either by using Bluetooth technology or by using WiFi, today we can lock or unlock our door lock without touching it! It’s easy and convenient to open your door remotely before reaching your door such as in the case of entering or car with a remote control. However with Smart Locks it’s possible to unlock your door from distance using WIFI, so for example if you have a visitor coming to your house or business and you’re not at the location, you can remotely (from your smartphone or tablet) open the door for them.

Top advantages of using a Smart-lock:

  1. “Did I lock my door this morning…?”  – How many times you asked yourself this question before? Well with a smart lock you can get lock/unlock status to your device.
  2. Open your door remotely to friends or professionals servicing your house.
  3. Keyless entry  – no more carry different keys
  4. Security – smart locks are modern and sophisticated using high security levels, hard to duplicate or manipulate.
  5. Watch your kids health – Lock/ unlock your door remotely while it’s snowing or rainy.



How do I get a smart lock and how much is it?

Quality Smart locks can vary from about $100 to about $500 per lock. Installation is easy to do if you have at least some experience as a locksmith.

We at locksmith Philadelphia now install smart locks for up to 50% less of the average fee depending on the size of the job.  For a condo in Philadelphia with only one lock, we can install for less then $99 including high security and warranty. Choose today your right lock and call us for a quote.

If you rather us to get the actual smart locks as well, please call us now to discuss your options.